RusCan manufactures electrical contacts and subassemblies of electrical and mechanical components for various types of equipment such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, tap changers, starters, contacts for electrometallurgical processes, etc.

RusCan uses different approaches depending on the customer’s needs. RusCan either manufactures electrical contacts according customer’s technical drawings and specifications or, for products no longer supplied by the original manufacturer, RusCan employs reverse engineering. For refurbishment projects, RusCan uses its extensive design experience to offer new added-value solutions. In numerous electrical equipment development projects, RusCan has collaborated on design with the manufacturer and user in an effort to reduce equipment costs and boost reliability and performance.

Expertise in original and unique metal-joining technologies allows great flexibility in the design of reliable electrical components. The quality of the metal-joining process has been tested by independent laboratories and its high performance and reliability has been proven. Products undergo standard quality testing (ASTM, ASME), including hardness, tensile and ultrasonic tests. RusCan offers extended warranties for numerous products.

Because of the special metal-joining technologies and manufacturing process, Ruscan can offer short turnaround times and very competitive prices.