Expertise and technical consulting services
To identify and solve problems at the source, TRC performs a detailed analysis of equipment before designing solutions. Once the cause of the equipment malfunction has been determined, TRC can offer a solution adapted to the particular needs of the client. With this approach, the solutions address and solve the problems instead of simply replacing the damaged parts.

Design development

Once the analysis is completed, TRC develops solutions for refurbishing or manufacturing the components. TRC has extensive experience in designing components for new or refurbished equipment. Great design flexibility makes possible the finding of innovative solutions for the constraining refurbishment projects.

Reverse engineering

TRC supplies components that are no longer being supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. When technical drawings are not available, TRC uses reverse engineering from existing parts to reproduce the same product as the original. Original materials are identified with 3D measurement techniques and chemical and metallurgical analysis.

Testing during development

TRC is equipped to perform short-circuit, heating and wear tests. All proposed solutions undergo such testing to make sure the customer receives a reliable product.